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  Planner Suite
March 11, 2006
A new version of Planner Suite will be released at ICT World in Stockholm 19-21/9, stay tuned!


Planner Suite is a project management and productivity system designed for teams working in dynamic process-based environments.
It enables improved project results, shorter lead times, reduced costs, clear accountability, improved customer and employee satisfaction,- and of course, increased revenue.

Project planning
Gantt chart-based planning tool

Planner Suite is designed the way project work is actually managed. Project support tools need to be simple and integrated if they are going to fit the real life situations of project-intensive organizations.

We are a process-oriented organisation and have extensive experience working with multiple projects for customers around the world. We have asked companies how they would like the perfect tool to work. We have simplified and modified, and we can now provide core features in a common tool which is simple to use, and that provides powerful, focused functionality for planning, time & cost reporting, analysis, document sharing, billing and reporting.

Access from anywhere
One common demand is to be able to access the data from anywhere. We developed a desktop edition to get speed and functionality which works over the Internet. Also, since some consultants may not be able to install the software on customer site, we have also developed a web-based version with the core functionality.

Resource Allocation
Allocate and give accountability to the right people
Time and expense reporting
Report worked time and billable time on projects
Process adherence
Manage project tasks and milestones
Status reports
Analyze results compared to plan
Shared documents
Shared document folders for projects
Analyze and keep track of important project decisions and events
Earned Value analysis
Keep track of the performance of the projects through earned values report and chart.
Access from anywhere
Internet-enabled Desktop and
Web versions
Invoice data
Authorize billable hours and bill according to each project's billing model
Shared action management
Export data for invoicing and integrate with accounting
Multi currency support
Support for multiple countries and their currencies
Customer accessible reports
Give your customers access to reports and documents.


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